We offer full line digital graphics services and design services and imprinted branding products with an emphasis on wearables. We can create a shirt design or a logo that will brand your business or organization and stand the test of time. We can build you a program that will reach the market that you serve and have the impact you desire!

We provide a wide range of imprinted and branded products as we are a full service company. We offer a full line of screen printing and embroidery. We have been a PPAI certified distributor of AD SPECIALTY items from certified suppliers, for over 10 years.

WE DO NOT DO CONTRACT IMPRINTING. We feel that we need to be in control of the substrates (products) that we print on to insure our standards of quality and maintain our image, since today's market place is rife with counterfeit products. We buy directly from bonafide suppliers with whom we have a 27 year history. We do not print or embroider products that we do not purchase and sell. (Translation: We know you got a great deal on those private label shirts made in India, enjoy them, but we won't print those! We buy and sell the shirts or we don't print or sew the shirts. WE fix OUR quality problems, but we don't want to fix anyone else's.)

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